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Rumson was purchased by English settlers in pieces. The first purchase is dated January 25, 1665, and it included parts of Middletown. The rest of the area was purchased April 7, 1665 and June 5, 1665.

There are many old, historic homes in Rumson, but the oldest is the 700-acre Treadwell House, named after a family that summered here for almost 100 years. It is the second oldest building in Monmouth County, and dates back to 1670.

Residents of Rumson in the 19th Century enjoyed many activities, such as swimming in the river, the Atlantic Ocean, or taking a wagon ride. In winter, they used the river for ice-boating.

Rumson has always been a very affluent area. In fact, it is still one of the wealthiest towns in New Jersey. The homes are spectacularly large, many with private yachts anchored in the Navesink River, which serves as their backyard. Locals enjoy the beautiful beaches just over the Oceanic Bridge, as well as a quick commuter ferry to downtown Manhattan. Many fine eating establishments such as the Salt Creek Grille and Fromagerie make Rumson an ideal place to visit, any time of the year.